Time of Worship: Another in the Fire

Time of Worship: Another in the Fire

June 16, 2022

Last weekend we sang a song that our church family loves, singing about the faithfulness of God through different generations and circumstances. We sing of how despite fleeing from slavery, with a tyrannical leader on their trail, the Israelites saw God's promise firsthand, and saw His tangible goodness by parting the sea. 

It goes on to detail the fear of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, standing in the literal fire for proclaiming God's authority in open defiance of their king. It reminds us that when God takes us through trials, which He will, He will NEVER abandon us, but rather stand IN the fire with us. 

We are reminded in the song that Jesus' name is the only name, the name above all names, and the one who will endure through eternity. This is an incredible reminder to us as believers that we serve a present God, who walks with us through all that we face on this side of eternity! I want to invite you into a time of worship, and challenge you to remember all of the times that God was present and faithful in your life (hint, there are about a billion of them!), and praise Him for the fact that He will continue to be with you in the fire and water, in every season and every circumstance. 


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