Impact Month: Outreach Expo

Impact Month: Outreach Expo

October 05, 2022

Last weekend was our 2nd annual “Out-Reach Expo,” and not only did we have dozens of the ministries that we support on campus, we also had an incredible panel of speakers that delivered a message that perfectly encapsulates The Creek’s heart for ministry. It was a special weekend getting to celebrate all that God is doing through people around the world to further His Kingdom! If you’d like to hear the message from the panel, click HERE.

I wanted to take this opportunity to kick off Impact Month on the blog, and highlight some of the AMAZING ministries that we got to have on campus last weekend, and share with you a little bit about what they do and what their goal is!

EMS-ISD: While this isn’t technically a ministry, the work that we get to do with them year-round is 100% a huge, kingdom-win, ministry! Between supporting the teachers throughout the district with prayer and events to thank them, the back-to-school drive where we supply hundreds of students with backpacks full of supplies to start the year, and the trunk-or-treats that we get to participate in where we love on kiddos and shine the light of Jesus, we are so lucky to have such an incredible partnership with the district. The biggest win, however, is our Christmas Outreach through EMS-ISD. Each year, we have the privilege of “adopting” several schools and providing hundreds of families with Christmas gifts, food, hygiene bags, and ultimately the hope of Christ. It is one of the most incredible opportunities we have to bless our community, and we’re so thankful for it. Stay tuned in the next few weeks for more information on this year’s outreach and how you can get involved!

Love and Light Ministries: This is one of our longest and most consistent partnerships as a church, and we absolutely love the heart behind what they do. One of their core values says, “Love and Light Ministries believes it is important to show God’s love through serving the homeless and poor communities. God takes it personal when we serve others in His son, Jesus’ name. We fully believe in meeting people where they are physically and spiritually, showing them the Love of God through our actions and example. We desire to walk life with them and if we cannot help them out of homelessness, we CAN restore their hope in humanity, and give them oodles of LOVE!! And those we meet who do not know the Father, we believe, we can LOVE THEM TO JESUS!! AMEN!!” They meet the homeless community right where they are at, and they do it with the love of Jesus in their hearts! At their warehouse, you’ll see rows of needs that have been so intentionally thought through. They anticipate the needs of the homeless community and step in to bring hope and relief. We are so lucky to be able to partner with them again this month during our Serve Weekend! If this project sounds inspiring to you, visit this page to get more information on how to sign up to serve!

Carter BloodCare: Though it seems simple, partnering with Carter BloodCare the last few years has made an INCREDIBLE impact in our community, and has helped countless lives in dire need. We are so thankful for a church family who is willing to be uncomfortable for a little bit in order to donate life-saving units. Their mission is this: “Carter BloodCare is dedicated to giving life to the community. Throughout North, Central, and East Texas, we provide life-saving blood components and transfusion services that give hope to people in need.” We will continue to partner with Carter as long as we can, and if you’re willing to donate, stay tuned for all of the times you’ll have the opportunity to! 

These are just a few of the huge number of ministries that we have the honor of supporting, whether financially or physically. Throughout Impact Month, you will have the opportunity to get involved with all of them! Whether through Agape Meals on Thursday Night, dozens of projects during Serve Weekend, or hosting a Boo Bash, there is a place for you to get Set in Motion this month!  


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