Focus Week 2: Set in Family

Focus Week 2: Set in Family

January 20, 2022

This month we are in our Focus ‘22 series, where we are working through the vision that God has given us as a church this year, and how this ties into our “Set Ins.” It’s no secret that at The Creek, we are passionate about seeing people Set in Family, and we believe that the best way to do that is by getting plugged into a life group. Time and time again, we have seen so much life change happen when people get plugged into groups, and today we want to highlight one of the newest life groups at The Creek.

Over the last couple of years, God has brought a huge number of young married couples to The Creek, each hungry for community and a desire to pursue Jesus in a real way. Out of this came the Procaccino group! When asked about their life group and the value in it, here is what they said:

What made you get involved in a life group?

“Community, and the desire to grow deeper into the Word with others that want to pursue Jesus first and will keep me accountable. Finding a group that truly wants to do life together!”

“Community! We best grow in our faith when we surround ourselves with other believers who sharpen us.”

What value has being in a life group brought you and your spouse?

“My wife and I now have other newly married couples to do life with. Again, community, community, community!”

“The process of developing new, deep friendships with others in the same stage of life.”

“The ability to just meet new people, learn about others, pursue friendships, and enjoy fellowship with other believers.”

What encouragement do you have for people who are considering joining a life group?

“Free food. It’s a requirement for small group leaders to provide free food. (I don’t know if it really is, but food is always a motivator)”

“Think about what you want out of the life group and then strive to accomplish it! Be vulnerable. Be willing to be open so that you can connect with others that likely are going through similar situations. Commit. It’s hard to build relationships when you aren’t consistent with showing up. Show up and encourage others to also. And time. Give it time and give the group a good chance! It takes awhile for trust to be built, for connections to be made, and consistent expectations to be met throughout the group!”

“It may be awkward the first few times you go, but friendships take time to grow and mature. Every time you go, you are that much closer to the people in your group. They bring you life!”

If you’ve been considering being Set in Family and getting plugged into a life group, now is the time! Don’t wait to start building these life-long friendships!


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