Impact Month: Africa New Life

Impact Month: Africa New Life

Author: Amy Wolfe
October 13, 2022

While I have always had a heart for serving others through community outreach, never in my wildest dreams or master life plan did I think of going to Africa. Even further from my plans was the thought of going on a mission trip, sponsoring children and now leading teams to this beloved country. Isn't it funny how God works in our lives?

It was God’s plan that my husband Ed was led to The Creek Church while “shopping” for a church. It was His plan that my husband wanted to check out this ministry named Africa New Life in Rwanda. It was His plan that life change happened during and since the first trip for him. I witnessed so much life change in others around me that I decided, I am in and I am going on the next trip.

I am forever grateful that we were led to The Creek, for Africa New Life and our first team leaders. We were introduced to God’s grace and work in action. Rwandans are the most loving, kind and inspiring people that I have ever met. They are the wealthiest culture that I have ever seen. You see, I have learned that the latest and greatest of this or that, the nicest car, prettiest of things do not bring us true happiness, at least not long-term.  The only way to have true peace and happiness is through Jesus. He died on the cross to forgive us of our sins and is the role model of a servant leader. He did not have the best of anything but made the best of everything by loving and caring for others.  

Many of the families in Rwanda do not have running water or electricity and often struggle with where their next meal may come from. Typically, most live in a very small home made from mud, do not have much furniture if any and sleep on a mat on the floor. You would never know this as they exude happiness and joy all the time. You would also never sense that in a country the size of Maryland a million people, the population of the Fort Worth area were lost in a genocide just 25 years ago within 100 days. There may still be hurt but you will not see hate. Many of the killers now live in villages with families of those that were killed in the genocide. They don’t just coexist but rather, they help each other and are like family.  How can all this peace, reconciliation and forgiveness be possible? But God!  

I have been so humbled by the relationships that have been built through this ministry, our sponsor kids and the teams we have traveled with. I have learned to put everything into perspective. I have learned the difference between needs and wants, thinking about how our resources could help others. For me, it’s so much better to give than receive.  

I would encourage you, if you have a heart to serve others, get involved. Make an impact.  Be Set in Motion. We have so many opportunities to serve in our church, our community and around the world! Come to Africa with us! 

If you're interested in our upcoming trips to Africa, please email! 

During Impact Month, we are fundraising for our Global Missions teams, raising money to give more of our church family the opportunity to be Set in Motion internationally. To donate to this fund, click HERE.

"For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”  Mark 10:45


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