Impact Month

Impact Month

One of our core values at The Creek is seeing people Set in Motion, and during the month of October, we will have dozens of opportunities for you and your family to get out and serve our community. Throughout Impact Month, you will learn more about the ministries we serve as a church, get a chance to serve beyond the walls of the building, and have an opportunity to engage with different ministries within the church. Stay connected with our website and social media to learn more!

In-reach expo

Join us for our In-reach Expo, October 8th-9th at The Creek. With the focus on being Set in Motion within the church, each ministry will have a table set up for you to learn more about serving! This is a great opportunity to understand what each ministry does and find a great place to serve!

outreach expo

Join us for our Outreach Expo October 1st-2nd at The Creek. Many of our local Outreach, Missions Partners, and Missionaries will be here in the commons to share information about their work and the impact they are having in the kingdom.  This will be an educational experience for all ages and an opportunity to connect and pray over all of our partners! 

Serve weekend

Multiple times per year, The Creek serves alongside several organizations in our community. Serve Weekend will take place at the end of Impact Month (October 29th-30th), and we will have dozens of exciting opportunities for you and your family to be Set in Motion. Click the link below for information about all of the events you can sign up for!

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boo bashes

One of the most exciting ways to serve this month is by hosting a Boo Bash! Halloween can be the perfect time to gather with friends and neighbors while building relationships with one another centered around Jesus. If you’d like to host a Boo Bash, The Creek will provide you with a yard sign, cards to invite others to The Creek and a candy starter kit. Gather up your small group, put on a fun costume, and share the love of Jesus with your neighborhood!

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