Raised to Life

Raised to Life

July 26, 2023

Last weekend we had the unbelievable honor of celebrating baptisms with 14 people who made the best choice EVER! At The Creek, our hope is that we never get tired of getting to experience what God is doing, and last weekend we got to see that first-hand.

If you're new to church, the idea of baptism may seem strange, but it is simply this: an outward expression of what God has done inwardly. It is a (very joyous) celebration of the fact that we were once dead in our sin, but because of Christ and His sacrifice on the cross, through Jesus' blood that was shed for us, we no longer have to live in death or walk in sin. We celebrate being raised to a new life, one where God calls us to joy and freedom from sin. The water isn't fancy, the tub isn't magical, and baptism isn't what gives us salvation, but it is a representation and a celebration of what God has done in these individual's lives, and it is showing the world that they are a new creation in Christ.

The baptisms that we got to be apart of were so powerful, and in each life and each story, the work of Christ and the Holy Spirit was so present. We laughed, cried, celebrated, and worshiped because these 14 people have made the choice to walk in the call that God has put on their lives!

I HIGHLY encourage you to take 20 minutes this evening and watch each story, and each individual in the video below, joining in with Heaven, and celebrate them being raised to life!

Check out last weekend's baptisms here:


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